Music Educator

Music Educator

After academic study at Boston University, Sonya returned to London. She spent four years as the Director of Music at St. Margaret’s School, Hampstead, where she created a new curriculum, founded three ensembles, and implemented an enriching musical experience for the students. Then, she chose to continue her own studies, first at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, Wales, and then at The Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, MD.

At Peabody, she was the graduate assistant for sight-reading and ear-training. She was also the vocal coach and assistant at Old St. Paul’s Church, Baltimore, which was at the time among the oldest choral traditions in the U.S. She stayed in Baltimore, and worked frequently in the surrounding area. She was the founding instructor for both the outreach and prep programs for the Children’s Chorus of Washington, taught music and directed chorus at St. Martin’s in-the-field Episcopal School in Severna Park, MD, and taught voice at both Severn School (Severna Park) and the Performing & Vocal Arts Magnet Program for Anne Arundel County Schools (Maryland). 

Sonya also uses her expertise and love of music to create experiences for other educators. Her workshops show teachers how to infuse their classrooms with music, no matter the subject. She believes the arts can enrich every topic, it’s only a matter of finding the right connections. 

Sonya was a recent speaker at the STEAM Camp, a convention for educators on Clubhouse, and she is becoming a deeply involved member within the education community on this exciting new social audio platform. She is also the newly-appointed Director of Children’s Choruses at Patterson Park Academy of Music in Baltimore, and the Director and Founder of Go Compose North America. Her newest programs include Go Compose North America in the Classroom and the Go Compose North America Academy. For more information about Sonya’s work as a composer and about Go Compose North America in general, please explore the Composer tab.

Voice Lessons

A vibrant music educator, singer, composer and with experience behind the scenes, Sonya brings an unique perspective to her teaching, teaching as a listener as well as a performer.

  • Sings Things Adventures

    One-of-a-kind learning model where we work together through video and audio recordings. You can reside anywhere in the world and work with me!

    Added benefits include working at your own pace and following your own schedule. This also gives you the opportunity to having more contact with me than a weekly lesson if you choose to. This option is flexible and allows for better audio quality.

    Monthly pricing

  • Sings Things Live (limited places available)

    25 minute in person lessons for young children
    25 and 45 minute in person lessons for older children and adults.

    All lessons are taught in real time with higher quality audio software options available and a flexible scheduling model.

    Paid for in 8 lesson blocks.

Courses and Workshops for Educators

These workshops and courses are in active development, use the form below to pre-register for the one(s) that interest you.


    Using your individual interests, quirks and passions to add inspiration to your music teaching.

  • Character Strengths, Multiple intelligences and Music

    This workshop introduces elements of positive psychology and multiple intelligences to music educators giving them extra tools to build positive relationships and find individual pathways to music learning.

  • Performance Skills

    Whether you are a performing musician, an amateur with an interest in performing, a music teacher or just someone who wants to know more. This workshop will reinforce your existing skills and give you some new approaches to add to your personal toolbox.

  • Setting up your music program for success

    A workshop for new music teachers.

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